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Free Electrical Inspection

We will come to you to give a free, no obligation initial inspection to assess your property requirements and point out any electrical work that needs immediate attention.

Landscape Lighting

We specialise in bringing that special touch to your electrical lighting whether it be indoors or outdoors, enabling you to enjoy your home whatever time of year.

Home Security

Accredited installers of many home security CCTV systems including Ring, ABB, Netamo & Hikvision to ensure peace of mind whether at home or away.

House rewire

If your house wiring has served it's time then you can trust us to completely rewire your property up to the latest standards of the Wiring Regulations, please contact us for a competitive no obligation quote.

EICR / Landlords Certificate

Very similar to an MOT for your property's electrical system, a vital but often overlooked inspection which will provide peace of mind for your electrical installation for years to come.

It is recommended to have an Electrical Inspection every 10 years for a domestic property.

Electric car charging port

Electric cars are increasing in popularity & reliability.

We can fit many models of car charging ports to your property.

You may even be entitled to a government grant for this.

We also fit car charging ports to commercial properties.



Changing a light fitting

Changing out a ceiling light fitting is a quick job that would rarely take more than hour, and would normally cost no more than £100 plus whatever you pay for the new light fitting itself.
(Doctors tip - ask to do more than one fitting for best value, providing the fittings are straight forward we can fit up to 3 in 1 hour).

Consumer Unit change

The consumer unit, more commonly known as the fuse box, helps control the flow of electricity around the home. Replacing one can take up to a day, and will typically cost around £700 - £1000

EV Car Charger Installation

Another job that can take up to a day to finish, installing an EV car charger is growing in popularity with many models to suit your budget and your model of car.​

Let's have a chat and between us we can decide what is the best option for you.

As a guide price this could cost anywhere between £700-£1000.

Electric Cooker fitting

A relatively small job if an adequate power supply is already in place, this would cost around £100 to complete, not including the cost of the oven itself.
If a new power supply is required then the price could cost anywhere from £150 - £400 dependant on route from consumer unit to cooker.

Installing a new double socket

Fitting a new double power socket in a wall will usually cost around £100 to £130. Fitting an outdoor socket is similarly priced.
Fitting a socket in a place without a localised supply may cost a little more.

Electrical Inspection Condition Report

The price of an electrical inspection depends on the size of your property and the number of rooms and circuits to be inspected, but prices begin at around £150 and can go up to around £500.

Electric Radiators

We have partnered with Rointe to bring you the latest efficiency in radiator technology.

Drop us a message to arrange a free consultation and estimate, which will answer all of your energy consumption queries. 

House rewires

As with the electrical reports, the cost of a full rewire depends on the size and age of the property and the circuits involved. Rewiring an entire three-bedroom home will take several days, and can cost around £5000

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